The Bucket List

I found the more I say things out loud to others, the more likely I am to follow through because I do not want to seem like the kind of person who does not follow through. Shocking, right?

So I decided instead of keeping my list of things to do before I die hidden away for only me (and the hubs) to dream about, I would post them here for the world to see. Who knows? Maybe my dear readers will have ideas to spur me onward to fulfillment of these goals!

In no particular order, except for number one.

1) Own my own yoga studio

2) Write and publish a book

3) Visit every country. (Yes, every single one. See the current list here.)

4) Skydive

5) Ride in a hot air balloon somewhere with spectacular views (not just in Tahlequah)

6) Take a month long yoga retreat

7) Take an African Safari

8 ) Own/run a non-profit organization

9) Go hang gliding

10) Visit the Amazon Rainforest

11) See the sites of the 7 Ancient Wonders

12) See the modern day 7 Wonders

13) Go to the top of the tallest building in the world (currently Burj Khalifa, in Dubai)

14) Climb Mount Everest (not all the way to the top, necessarily)

15) Participate in the production of a movie

16) Visit the Okavango Delta in Africa when it floods in the summer

17) Go to the Oscars / Golden Globes / Emmys / Tonys / Grammys

18) Participate in the production of a documentary


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