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Happy Thought Thursday

…because we all need a little more happy in our lives.

I am going to be a real life yoga teacher!!!! 

My first class will be Saturday, June 12th at 10am at Chandler Park Community Center.  I will be teaching Tuesday’s at 6pm and Saturday’s at 10am through August 14th.  From then on classes will be on Saturday’s only.

I. Am. So. Nervous. 

And HAPPY!!!!


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Hey, Tulsa! Where you at?

This week, college basketball conference tournaments are going on across the nation.  Tulsa hosted the Conference USA Tournament.  Through my employer, I got tickets to one session today, and the championship game tomorrow.  The  University of Tulsa made it to today’s round and played in the first game of the afternoon session.

The place was not packed, that is for sure.  I was really disappointed in the turn out at the game.  Tickets did not cost that much and the home team played!  I have been to other local sporting events, both TU athletics and city team events like hockey, that also did not have a good turn out.

For all the talk about making Tulsa more attractive to outsiders and adding all kinds of new dining, entertainment and lodging, we locals don’t take advantage of what we have.  What’s up with that?  I know I do not get out to local events as much as I would like, but I try.  I would love for Tulsa to become a more ‘cosmpolitan’ city, but without real support from the residents how will that ever happen?

I don’t have any answers, but I know things are going to have change in our attitudes and behaviors if we ever want things to change in our city.

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I Suck at Suburbia or I Want to be a Midtown Girl

I live in Owasso (suburb 20 min North of Tulsa, for those of you not from around here.)  My husband owned a house here when we met and I was living in a small apartment, so when it came time to talk about where to live, it only made sense for me to move in with him.  He hasn’t owned the house long enough for us to get anything out of the house if we were to sell anyway.  And I am all about making good financial decisions.  But the truth is I hate it.  He knows it.  He has known from the very beginning I had no desire to live in Owasso. 

I want to be in the heart of the city!  I want bars and shopping and fun things to do just outside my door.  I want dinner and a show no more than 10 min away.  I want one of those adorable 1950’s brick gingerbread style homes in those adorable midtown neighborhoods.  You know the ones.  I want when I hear about a super fun free holiday concert on Brookside to not decide not to go because it is so far away.  I want to not miss yoga class because 20 min is not enough time for me to get there before class starts. 

The truth is that I suck at suburban life.  I don’t get the appeal.  I don’t understand.  But the more important truth is that I am madly in love with my husband and I would follow him anywhere.  Really.  So here I will stay until we have some equity in the house and make a decision about where life will take us.  (Which is a big decision when you start thinking about kids and schools and all that other grown up stuff.)  In the meantime, I will try to cope with being far away from the heart of all the really cool stuff going on.  And I’ll try to be less bothered by the 25 minute drive to the heart of all of the really cool stuff.  It’s a work in progress.  Like my whole life.

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Shop Local Tulsa

This year I decided to try something different with my Holiday shopping. Thanks to the great suggestion of Tasha Does Tulsa, (check her out, she is awesome) I thought I would try to buy as many of my gifts as I could from local Tulsa retailers. There are all kinds of stats on how much money stays in your community when you shop local compared to nationwide retailers. It is pretty fascinating stuff, 320% more money (45% of purchases instead of 14%) stays in the community when you shop local says Tasha. And I believe her. I mean, who wouldn’t? So I set off on a quest to do Tulsa a solid and keep my money here by shopping local. Except my one slip up when I bought something at Kohl’s the weekend after Thanksgiving because I forgot I was shopping local. I know, I know. My brain doesn’t always function properly, but that is another blog for another day.

I have not done a whole lot of shopping yet, and there is plenty of time until gifts must be given to search for great deals, but below are my experiences so far and my plans for shopping local.  More to come as I get my shop on.

Gardner’s Used Books – I LOVE this place! If you don’t mind buying used books for people, this place is the place to be. Really, the majority of the books are in good enough condition you are hard pressed to tell they are used, especially the newer releases. I was able to pick up 6 books for 3 kids for $16. Talk about a great deal! I also got a couple for myself just for good measure.

Steve’s Sundries – Steve’s was new to me. Located on Harvard, just north of 31st, I had no clue it existed. If you are looking specifically for new books and/or magazines, Steve’s is the local source. It is a small shop, so the majority of their books they carry in paperback, but they can order anything your heart desires. The latest releases are carried in hardback form. The magazine selection was rather massive, I thought, even though I didn’t have time to peruse the offerings as I would have liked. All of the books are market priced, so while you are no better off shopping there, you are not any worse off, and Tulsa thanks you for your wise choice.

Ziegler’s Arts & Frames – I hear radio ads for Ziegler’s all the time, but I had never been there before. Due to my recent marriage and holiday budgeting, most people in the family are getting wedding photos for gifts, so Zeigler’s seemed like a great local option. And it is! They have a huge selection, all sizes, shapes, colors of frames you can imagine. Plus lots of fun home décor type stuff. It is really a very cool place. It just happens to not be a good place for my budget. Ouch. There were lots of things I wanted, but with my long list, I just couldn’t make it work. Even the sale items were out of my price range. (I should probably clarify that I am cheap even when I am not budgeting, so it is not very difficult to be out of my price range.)

Akin’s Natural Foods – I did not realize Akin’s was a Tulsa based store, but I Googled it in my quest for local shops. Akin’s doesn’t have quite the selection of Whole Foods, but it has all the same basic items. The tea selection is oh so fabulous, and for a tea lover like me, it was almost heaven. They also carry local Oklahoma cheeses like Hardesty Top Notch Cheddar which is more than oh so fabulous.

Reasor’s – Okay, so it is regional (based in Tahlequah), but close enough. Besides, it directly affects my family bottom line, so that is good enough for me. If you plan to bake, cook, make candies, or any of that fun stuff for gifts, Reasor’s has everything you need: Groceries. Nuff said.

Hobby Lobby – Okay, so it’s a little wider regional store (based in OKC) but still better than a national chain. Hobby Lobby has everything crafty a girl could want. And frames galore. My problem with Hobby Lobby is that just about everything you get there was made in China, so that takes a little bit away from shopping local. But it is a great last resort, and honestly it is great for a budget.

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