All About Me

I am a madly in love newlywed who loves any chance to use the term hubs.  I am a yogi, a photog, an oenophile, a finance nerd, a wanna be writer, an almost gourmet, a fashion slacker, an out of control gardener, and a Tulsan at heart (even tho I live in suburbia).  I do too much but it never seems like enough.

Add yoga teacher and MBA student of June 2010!!!


3 responses to “All About Me

  1. Hi–We connected a few months ago on Twitter. I am really enjoying your blog posts, and resonate with your writing, thoughts, and interests. I’m also currently in Tulsa (well, BA, but I, like you, am a Tulsan at heart and hope to live there in body soon enough). I’ll look forward to following you here as well.

    • Thanks Kren! I appreciate your interest. I attended your Be Fully Present for the Holidays session at Inner Peace last year and I loved it. I look forward to connecting with you more. –Jessica

  2. Wonderful blog, and love that header! Keep writing!

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