Embracing Labels

The past few months have been a whirlwind of self discovery for me.  I have been reading books and researching online different personality types and life themes and all kinds of stuff.  Learning about myself has been one of the most productive and beneficial things I have ever done.  Each time I pull out some new nugget of truth about myself, I see the world (my world) a little clearer.

But really, I’m not learning  that much that I didn’t already about myself, I am just learning how to label and explain it.  I’ve always known that I don’t do well in large groups.  Now I know that is because I am an introvert and I know what being an introvert means for me.  I have so much more clarity about my motivations and behaviors.

Being labeled isn’t always easy.  Society gives us labels all the time that aren’t flattering or positive and are often mean. My introversion was often labeled as unsocial or unfriendly.  Sometimes, even bitchy.  And because I couldn’t define or understand why I acted that way, I couldn’t counter anyone’s claims.   Knowing I am an introvert gives me a label to embrace.

The newest label I am embracing with passion is Scanner.  Reading Barbara Sher’s book defining and explaining scanners gave me a whole new perspective on my life.  It sounds cliche, but I really did identify with so much of what she wrote and found myself practically giddy with the excitement that there was a label for my behavior and personality.

As I read more about scanners, I have come across other labels for us like polymath and multipotentialite (one having the characteristic of multipotentiality).  I love it.  I love having these labels to throw around and say:  “I am this!”

“Behold world, I am an introverted scanner, and I love me just the way I am!”

These things make me unique and fun and give me the potential for greatness.  And we all have that potential.  We all have personality traits and characteristics that can be labeled.  For good, and not negatively.

It’s just a matter of figuring out what they are and how to embrace them in your own life.

So, what are your labels?  What are you proud to embrace and shout out to the world?



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5 responses to “Embracing Labels

  1. I was an introvert until I’ve started changing in the past couple of years. I was mistaken as a snob many times.

    I’m labeled as predictable. I could think of that in the negative sense and consider myself boring, or I could look at it and see myself as unwavering and stable.

  2. Do you think your personality has changed, or have you learned to work with and around your introversion? Conventional wisdom says our base personality doesn’t change, but I do think it can happen.

    Practicability can be great in a lot of areas, as long as you throw caution to the wind every now and then. From following your blog and twitter, I think you’ve managed that (especially with your random weekend trips, which I think is super fun!).

    • I don’t think my personality has changed. I’ve had low self-esteem much of my life. As I’ve became more secure with who I am, I’ve cared less and less about how people see me. I’m the same guy I’ve always been. I just don’t mind letting people see the real me. I’m also doing the things I’ve always wanted to do. I’m still very much a work in progress.

      • I’m very similar. It’s only recently I have learned to really accept and embrace who I am and care less about what others think. It does change the way you interact with people. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you. It’s nice to know somebody coming from the same place I’m coming from. 🙂

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