Coffee… and life… and stuff

Today, I felt the urge to blog about my new found espresso addiction.  Mochas and lattes, to be exact.  I have an on again, off again caffeine and sugar addiction.  Mostly on.  It rotates form:  energy drinks, chocolate chip cookies, espresso drinks.  Anyway…

As I started writing the post in my head, I realized:  I wanted to blog about coffee.  To the public.  Which would be fine if I was a coffee expert or coffee shop owner or something like that.  But I’m not.  My blog is about important and serious life topics, right?  Not about what I had to drink this afternoon.

Oh.  Wait.

It was a bit of a crushing realization.  It shouldn’t be.  I mean, I write all of the posts of here.  But somehow I thought I didn’t just chronicle my life and write about the mindless day to day stuff.  That’s what Twitter is for.

The truth is, I think about important life stuff all the time, but don’t write it down very often.  That’s scary.  And if I’m being really honest here… while it is important to my life, it probably isn’t that important to others.  Although, I do hope that if I write down what I am struggling with or discovering about life and myself, others will find some of it beneficial.

So, all this to say…  I found a picture of the different espresso drinks to hang in my office with all my other stuff, in case I ever get confused about what to get.  (I just recently figured out the difference between a cappuccino, latte and mocha.)  I think it looks good.

Because coffee is important in life.  Sometimes.  When your brain doesn’t function well without it.  I’ll get to other life changing posts after I finish my mocha.


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