Finding Balance

How do you find the balance between always growing and pursuing more from life and being content?

I struggle with this more than anything else.  I love my life, but I always want more:  to do more, to be more and sometimes to have more.  The having more seems to be the key.  Stretching personally and professionally is usually a good thing, no one wants to stagnate.  But the desire to do so for the wrong reasons is an easy trap to fall into.

Personal and professional growth often comes with income growth, so it can be hard to separate the two.  I sometimes find myself wanting to take on a project that would probably help me grow but is really more about an income opportunity.  I am never sure where to draw the line.  Doing something that I am not all that interested in just for the potential income has not worked out in the past.  It is easy to rationalize because of my desire to run and manage a business.  I don’t have to be in love with the concept for a business if I love managing the business, right?  Not always.

My passion for contributing to the community also takes a backseat to my pursuit of more.  Although I have always wanted to help run a non-profit (it’s on my bucket list) I never seriously consider working for one because of the potential salary cut.  I volunteer and get involved in projects and events but I always want to do more.  Would I be more fulfilled and content if I spent my time bettering our world, even if I had less stuff?  Probably.  But I cannot make the jump.

I am an overachiever.  Nothing I do is good enough for me, money and income aside.  I don’t know that I could ever reach a position or place professionally that I would consider truly successful, because there is always something more or something else that I could be or do.  Even though I can say that out loud and write it down, it is incredibly difficult to wrap my head around.  Where do you go when you know you can never satisfy yourself professionally?

So, I ask you dear readers:  Where is the balance?  Where do we draw the line between bettering ourselves and just pursuing money and stuff?  How good is good enough?  When do we learn to accept our accomplishments?


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