More on Networking for Introverts

After my last post on being an introvert I started thinking more and more about how introverts really need to think of networking in a completely different way in order to be successful.  No more forcing ourselves to happy hours and parties to meet people.  Of course, that still has to be done occasionally, but it isn’t all about that anymore.

So I wrote another post called ‘The Introverts Networking Playbook‘.  But this time, I posted it on Yahoo! Associated Content.  Just for fun.  I wanted to try it out and see if 1) they would accept it 2) how much they would pay for it 3) if it would get more views that way.  Answers: yes, $2, and so far, no.  It is an experiment in the works.  Go check it out and let me know what you think.

From ‘The Introverts Networking Playbook’:

Most guides to networking for introverts provide tips and tricks on how to network at typical meet and greet networking events. The problem for most introverts, however, is not that we don’t know how to network,  it’s that we don’t want to network at those events. Networking events are exhausting for introverts. It’s time to rewrite the networking rules and understand that introverts need to do things differently. We should not be expected to conform to extroverts networking standards anymore.  more



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