Garden Blooms

I love discovering the first blooms in the garden.

The first visible signs that you are on your way to fresh veggie deliciousness.  No matter that the actually veggies won’t show up for weeks, it is just nice to know they are on their way.

Here are the first few from our garden:


Bell Pepper




The herbs are flowering as well.  This is less exciting than when veggies bloom, because you don’t need the blooms from herbs to get the good stuff.  The leaves are the good stuff.  But herb flowers are often very pretty, as is the case with the bloomers I have now.  And… they are all purple.  Herbs after my own heart.



Lavender – the prettiest by far

I really hope the lavender fields are in bloom when we go to Seattle in June.  I bet they are spectacular.

I hope wonderful things are blooming for you as well!


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