On Being a Princess and Being a Hater

I loved the Royal Wedding.  Not get up at 4am and watch all the coverage loved, but enough to wake up to see the dress (stunning and gorgeous) and then to see the kiss (double kiss, *swoon*) on the balcony and watch the entire ceremony later on DVR.  I thought it was fairy tale and history and magical.  For a minute, I wanted to be British.  Americans do not have loyalty to anything the way the British do to their monarchy, right or wrong.

After the wedding, I read a lot of articles, blogs and news coverage on the wedding; I wanted to know all the details.  It amazed me how much hate was thrown around regarding the wedding and the people who watched it.  I’m all for free speech and the ability to share our opinion with the world, but why do we have to bash others whose opinion is different?

I don’t begin to assume that all little girls had dreams of growing up to marry prince charming.  Hell, I don’t assume all little girls dream of growing up to marry a man.  But for those of us who did, this was a chance to watch someone else live out that dream and cheer and celebrate for her.  I spent my entire childhood reading stories and books.  No matter the genre, the fairy tale ending always came true (even for Nancy Drew).  So even if being royalty wasn’t something I considered, living a fairy tale sure was.  Congratulations to Kate for making her fairy tale come true.  I wish them absolute happiness.

And for those of you who thought the Royal Wedding was stupid, or a waste of time and money, I wish you happiness as well.  Because you are entitled to feel and believe what you want.  But can we please just stop the bashing. A friend of mine publicly posted her reason for watching the Royal Wedding, which was sentimental and meaningful, and it was another reminder to me that we never know the motivations of others and seemingly mindless comments can be incredibly hurtful in some situations.

Maybe I make my PB&J sandwiches funny because that is how my granny made them for me.  Maybe you are a bird watcher or stamp collector because those things fascinate you beyond belief and bring you joy.  Maybe you like sci-fi or westerns or sappy love stories because they remind you of something or someone special.  That’s great.  That’s what makes the world go around, different people with different interests.  But let’s all just take a breath and think twice about why someone might be in to something, or feel the way they do about something, before calling them a stupid idiot and bashing them for feeling that way.

Don’t misunderstand me…. Write all you want about why you believe what you do and why I should change my mind.  I welcome new ideas and different points of view. If we are passionate about something we should want to try and convert others to our way of thinking, whether it is religion, politics, book genres or ice cream flavors. As a Christian, I am called to share the good news with others and bring them to Christ.  But make no mistake, hating others for their beliefs won’t win hearts for Jesus.  I’m not advocating befriending everyone, no matter their interests and beliefs; I’m simply advocating not hating.

Sometimes I wish we could amend the first amendment to say “Congress shall make no law…. abridging the freedom of speech… unless it is speech that hates or bashes others.”  That probably flies in the face of true freedom of speech, but bashing others because of their likes, dislikes, feelings or beliefs flies in the face of our humanity.


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