The Herb Chronicles

Fresh herbs are like manna from heaven. Fragrant, yummy manna.

The smell of a fresh basil plant does special things to me.  Things that cannot be discussed here.  But good, good things. I’ve instructed my husband to figure out how to keep basil inside all winter.  Winters are extra long and extra cold with no fresh herbs for cooking.

I put a few herbs in the garden this evening.  Here are some pictures.  I wish I had a scratch and sniff blog.  The only real way to experience herbs is through scent, but this will have to do for now.






And my love…



I planted 6 basil plants.  I’m not sure that is enough.  The hubs seems to think it is.  We’ll see.

I also planted dill and purple basil (not included in the 6) but forgot to take pictures.  I will get more tomorrow.  There is so much to talk about with herbs.  Scents and textures and colors, oh my!  I hope to be able to talk more about my herbs and what I do with them.  I’d love you hear your herb stories too!


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