The Almost Garden Disaster

We take really great care of the raised beds that make up our garden.  Too much care probably.  We don’t have pets or kids, so our garden gets all of our attention.  But putting all that love and care into our beds means that other things do not get enough attention.  Like our yard.  Our backyard is home to much more than grass.  Lettuce, weeds, dandelions, crabgrass and all kinds of icky stuff that makes it look bad.

So we had someone come and spray the yard to kill the weeds and fertilize the grass.  Not a big deal, right?  Probably not.  Unless the weed killer is sprayed on a day that is windy and it blows up on all your other plants that you’ve worked so hard on.  Yeah.  That’s bad.

All of our green onions and chives wilted and fell over.  The leaves on our strawberries, flowers and hydrangeas curled up.  The parsley that was full and green and healthy fell over and yellowed.  The rose bush wilted.  It was heartbreaking.  I imagine it is how people feel when their pets go to the vet for something and they are not sure what it is.  Will it be bad, treatable, nothing, life threatening?  I wondered all of these things about my plant babies.  Some of which are not babies anymore, we’ve been nurturing them for two or three years.

We got lucky.  Mostly.  The hydrangeas and strawberries have perked back up and look as good as they did before.  There weren’t any berries yet, so we won’t lose any of our harvest.  We cut back the onions and chives, but they have already started to grow new shoots in just one day.  The rose bush is the only thing that looks like it may not make it.  But we have hope.  I wish I had before and after pics to show you, but I did not think to take any when things were looking grim.

The moral of the story?  Either get your own spray and target the weeds specifically (which I think we will do in the future, I’m too gun shy about it now) or make sure that there is not ANY wind when you have your yard treated.  This could have been a huge disaster for us.  We got really lucky.


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