Mind over Matter: Sickness

This is probably going to sound a little ridiculous. And cocky. Like I have some sort of Charlie Sheen complex. But I think it is true. And that is entirely the point.

I do not get sick. Because I am certain that I will not get sick. Who has time for that anyway? I know that I have an amazing kick ass immune system that will not allow germs or grimy, sickly critters in my system. I believe it and therefore, it is true. I will health into my life. And it works. Really. I cannot remember the last time I got the flu, or a cold, or a stomach bug. I occasionally get a scratchy throat or upset stomach, but nothing that requires down time. When bugs and viruses are invading the population I do not worry. I never get a flu shot. (I hate shots so I probably would not get one anyway.)  I eat and drink after my husband when he is sick.  It doesn’t matter.

It probably helps that I am a pretty healthy person. I eat food that is mostly good for me and try to avoid foods that are really bad, like fried foods. I practice yoga on a *kind of* regular basis. Not as often as I should or as often as I want to, for sure. My downfall is high caffeine and sugar intake in the form of energy drinks and cookies, but I justify that as legal performance enhancers which enforce my mental ability to will away sickness. So it’s all good.

There is a ton of research (and anecdotal evidence) that says your thoughts and attitudes toward things will affect the impact of those things in your life. Self-fulfilling prophecies, fake till you make it, perception is reality and all that jargon. I am a firm believer, at least when it comes to sickness.

The problem is, I do not use this tried and true method in other areas of my life.  For it to really work you have to truly, deep down, in your bones believe in yourself.  And there is not really anything else (at least nothing that matters) that I believe in so strongly I can will it into reality.

Confidence in my abilities at work?  Eh, I do okay.

Being a good writer?  I’m not too bad.

Doing well in school? Yeah, I’m pretty good at that.

Effectiveness as a yoga teacher? Sometimes… maybe.

Why is it that we have such a hard time believing in ourselves when it comes to things that matter?  While being able to will health into my life is pretty important, it would be even better to be able to will myself to be an awesome writer or beloved yoga instructor.  But I can’t.  Because deep down, I do not really believe those things about myself.

I don’t know how to change that.  I’m working on realizing that I can learn to be better, thanks in part to this article from Huffington Post on “Bright Girls” and some insight into my own personality.  If I want to be a better writer, I have to write more.  I need to try harder at work and take on new projects to expand my career possibilities.  My knowledge and skill set is not fixed, it is fluid.  So I’m learning to flow.  But it isn’t easy.  Doubt always manages to creep back in, but I keep moving forward.

Is there anything in your life that you will into being? Or will into not being, as it were?


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  1. Author’s Note: I remembered the last time I was sick. January of 2008, I was flu-ish and missed a day and a half of work. The hubs and I were just friends then, but he brought me medicine and soup and stuck around while I slept in my chair until late that night.

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