I Cooked a Bad Meal

That sounds a little cocky, I know. But really, I’ve never cooked anything that was so bad we could not eat it. There have been plenty of recipes we didn’t really like or needed some tweaking or adjustments. I have over or under cooked things, making them mostly inedible. Last night however, I tried a new recipe that my husband seriously considered not eating. I should note that he will try anything I cook. If he doesn’t really like it, I just don’t cook it again, but he eats it anyway. He almost did not eat last night’s meal, which is a first. Surprisingly, I was not upset by this (I have a complex about cooking dinner for my husband), probably because he had good reason to not eat it. It really was bad.

The recipe was for Chicken and Barley Salad from Everyday Foods. It sounded good. We liked all of the ingredients. But somewhere in the process, things went wrong. The first mistake was over cooking the corn and onions. The second was way too much parsley. It was this really odd, awkward, just plain bad combination of flavors.

In the end, we both ate all of our meals and vowed to never speak of it again. It was a good lesson for me in the wild ride that is wifedom. He won’t leave (or even complain) over really, really bad food.


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