Garden Phase I

Manual labor.  The worst part of gardening.

Luckily, my husband loves manual labor.  Turning soil, pulling weeds, building garden contraptions.  All that fun stuff.  In fact, he could farm full-time.  This is him layering leaves into the beds, making the soil rich and nutritious.

One of my favorite garden tools does involve manual labor but I use it sparingly.  It makes my arms hurt.  I am a wuss.

However, this weekend I not only shoveled, but I shoveled compost.  Nasty stuff.  I’ve never seen food so decomposed and gross before.  I shoveled the top layer of the compost into one of the beds in hopes it will more fully decompose and make the soil that much more rich and nutritious.  Good gardening is all about good soil.  So I shoveled compost.  Never again.

A few stragglers from last years garden still survive.  Our green onions are out of control.  Two feet of snow and all they do is wrinkle up.  Funny looking things.

And the lettuce we did not pull up at the end of last season flowered, seeded and dispersed into our yard.  Yes, that is lettuce growing in our yard.  It is kind of everywhere.  We tried to transplant this one, it was the biggest.  We’ll see how that goes.

Up next, starting seeds inside to get ready for the planting season.  Herbs, tomatoes, onions, peppers, some other yummy veggies.

Happy Gardening!



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