Back to Blogging…. maybe

This past week, I had a super fun night hanging out with some great friends and we talked some about blogs and blogging.  It made me realize how much I missed writing and I told myself I would try to find more time to get out what is in my head.  There is a lot up there, even though most of it is not likely blog worthy.

The hubs and I are diving into gardening season right now and what better opportunity to reinvigorate my blogging than to chronicle the garden this year.  I can already guarantee it will not be a full on, day by day, kind of gardening update because I just do not have the time, but it is something tangible and exciting to write about.  I know I want to capture more pictures of the process, we have never been good at photographing all the steps and the transformation from seed to food.  It really is an amazing thing to watch these tiny, tiny seeds become these vegetables that you can eat.  I am blown away every single time it happens.  So, if nothing else, expect more photos.  They may be iPhone photos and you may get 17 once a week, but you will get photos nonetheless.

As for blogging in general, my only goal is to try more often when I feel like I have things to say.  When I first started and I made the goal of writing a post a day for 14 days, I ended up with some posts that were not really worthy of being unleashed on the blogging world.  I do not want to do that this time around.  I only want to write about things that I feel are worth sharing.  So that is my plan.  We will see how it goes.


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  1. can’t wait for pictures! I’m interested to see the process 🙂

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