After 15 straight days of blog posts, I skipped yesterday.

Today, after 17 straight days of not having an energy drink, I indulged.

Studying for the GMAT has been non-existant, even though the test is in less than two weeks.

The slacking has taken hold of me, and I must find a way to get out from under its grasp.  It is a bit like a domino affect.  Once you start slacking in one area, it becomes easier and easier to slack in other areas.  I am fully on board with the slacking.  Tonight, dinner is a frozen casserole baking in the oven.  Just open the package and cook.  That’s bad.  For me at least.

One of the reasons, or at least one of the excuses, for not posting yesterday was that I attended a yoga class after work, and it kicked my ass.  I was so exhausted when it was over, I could not believe it.  I know my home practices do not really match up with the practice I get from a class, but  I did not realize how little work I was doing.  How much I was slacking.  The past couple of practices at home had been rough which is why I went to the class in the first place.  But, boy am I not pushing myself at all when I practice at home.  At least not physically.  It took all I had to eat dinner, take a bath, and crawl into bed when I got home last night.  More slacking.

I am trying to step things up, but it is not easy.  Bear with me as I dig down deep and pull out some real, productive energy in my life.  Things will get better from here.


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