The Calm of H2O

Maybe it is because I am a Scorpio, but nothing calms and relaxes me like water. When I’ve had a bad day the best thing for me is a good cry, a cup of hot tea, and a scalding bath. Yeah, I like my water hot. Very few people can handle the temperature of my bath water. But if I don’t come out red as a lobster and sweaty, it was not a good bath. I know, sweating in the bath does not make much sense, but I do not take baths to get clean. That is what showers are for. Baths are for relaxation and release.

I want a claw foot tub. 

Tears are also for release. A good hard cry can fix a lot of emotional issues. Sometimes just being able to let out all the things bottled up inside us, whether or not there is resolution to the issues, can be healing. I am anti-confrontational by nature, so I don’t let out any of the little annoyances I deal with on a regular basis. Or the big ones for that matter, unless they involve the hubs. I clear the air with the hubs as soon as possible if it is something big. Everything else I save up for a big cry. It does not happen that often, but man does it feel good. Come to think of it, maybe I should do it more often.

Being on the beach also relaxes me. It is by far my favorite vacation spot. Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near a beach, so I rarely get to visit. That is a little off topic though.


Back to tea. I am a lover of tea. Green, white, black, herbal, cold or hot. I don’t discriminate. A good hot herbal tea is soothing and calming. It brings me down from an emotional roller coaster to a more neutral state. It levels me out. I also love teapots. I collect them. But that isn’t the point.

I have a teapot like this.  Cast Iron teapots are the best.

The calming, soothing, relaxing, (is that three words that mean the same thing?) nature of water in my life is the point. Do other Scorpios feel the same way? Or is it related to some other random characteristic I have? If your a Scorpio, let me know.



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3 responses to “The Calm of H2O

  1. This post alone is enough for me to follow you forever.. this is just exactly how I feel.
    Japanese hot baths will hold no fear for me.
    The sound of the surf breaking on a pebble beach is my mantra for relaxation.
    Water, just water, is my favourite drink, followed by tea unsullied by milk or sugar.

    Water is life.

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