Good Friends and Good Shopping

Today was a good day.  I took the day off and traveled to OKC to spend the day with my BFF and do some shopping.  She is currently in medical school but this is spring break week, so she had some free time.  I had not seen her since my wedding in September.

As usual, we picked right up catching up on each others lives and the general goings on of other friends.  We spent hours scouring Penn Square Mall for stylish clothes and good deals.  Stylish clothes abound, as most retailers have recently put out their spring lines.  J. Crew and The Limited in particular have some items I would love to own, but alas, there was not much to speak of for good deals. 

I did discover Aldo Accessories (we have Aldo Shoes in Tulsa, but not Aldo Accessories) which turned out to be the home of my first purchase of the day, two new necklaces.  I tried to find images online from their site, but they did not have the two that I bought.  One has three chains, each with a key, heart and bird.  I intended from the purchase to clip the chain with the key trinket because it was jeweled and looked cheap to me, but I think I a may even cut the heart chain as well, and just leave the bird.  Bird designs seem to be coming into style these days, and I think I would like it better as one long chain as opposed to two or three.  More thought will go into that decision, since I can’t put it back once I cut it off. 

Ballet flats were the highlight of the day, I came home with three pairs and am still contemplating a fourth. My purchases came from Payless and Charlotte Russe, and the still undecided pair is also from Payless, from the Lela Rose collection.  While extremely cute, $30 is just too much to spend on shoes at Payless, so if the price comes down, I will likely go back and get them.  They are on sale online, however. 

A few other random items were purchased, but I did miss out on some things I specifically had in mind, like a classic cardigan for the winter to spring transition.  And some cute new sleepwear, as mentioned in the last post.  The Dillards at Penn Square did not carry Honeydew.  I did find a simple yet stylish patent nude pump by Steve Madden (the Ulltra) that I hope to find discounted online.  $70 while reasonable, is still out of my price range.  What can I say, I am cheap!

We ended the day at a local sushi restaurant, Sushi Neko, on Western that was delish.  Another good friend who lives in the city that I haven’t seen in a few months met us there and it was a great end to a great day. 

Of course, I had to drive home two hours, but it was not so bad.  I purchased “The Art of Happiness” by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Dr. Howard Cutler as an audiobook for the trip.  It ended when I was about ten minutes from my house.  It was an interesting ‘listen’ and I intend to write at least one post about it, after I listen to it again.

I also was able to slip in a great yoga practice before I left for the city.  It included holding headstand for about 10 to 15 seconds, although with my knees bent.  So all in all, it was a fabulous day.  Now, if only I didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow!


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