Time to Strategize

My husband loves strategy games.  Think Risk, only bigger, badder, more complicated and much more strategizing.  He spends time online researching the top rated games at sites like www.boardgamegeek.com.  Take note of the word geek in the title.  Oh yes, I married a super nerd.  And I love every nerdy part of him, including the parts that have a burning desire to play never-ending strategy games.

His two most recent purchases were Ticket to Ride and Agricola.  Don’t they sound fun?  Previous favorites include Puerto Rico, Catan, and Carcasonne.  But you cannot forget about the expansion packs.  That’s right.  Add ons to all the games to make them more complicated and strategic.  And of course, to make them take longer.  The hubs and his friends can play these games for hours and hours and hours.  And hours. 

Strategy games are not really my specialty.  I am more of a word game kind of girl.  I am not sure I had ever really played a strategy game before I met my husband.  I know all about them now.  And, a little bit at a time, I am learning to accept them and sometimes, I even enjoy them.  Usually, only if they take less than 2 hours, however. I hit my wall at about two hours.  My self-diagnosed mild onset adult attention deficit order kicks in about that time. 

Of course, because word games are my thing, the hubs is not into them.  Alas, our marriage is not perfect.  We somehow manage to compromise for game night.  Learning to compromise and work together is an integral part of a healthy relationship. 

I don’t want to make this sound all negative when it some to strategy games.  Some of them can be fun, and not all of them really take hours and hours.  Although some definitely do.  Ticket to Ride is rather fun, doesn’t require too much thinking and is pretty short with two players. I would highly recommend it if you are in the market for a good strategy game, especially as a beginner.  Check it out here on boardgamegeeks.com.  And let me know what you think.


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