The Wondrous Joy of a Vegetable Garden – A Saga, Part 3

Meanwhile, while there was wailing and gnashing of teeth about the hard work that was put into the great garden space all for naught, good things were happening on the home front. Joy was happening.

The plants in the garden beds at the house were doing really well. Early summer was much hotter than usual which deterred production somewhat, but as it began to cool ever so slightly, many a tomato could be found on the vines. And the herbs! Holy cow, were the herbs doing good. I just wish I could find the pictures I took of our herbs.

Having fresh herbs on your back porch is real joy. Until you have experienced being able to walk just a few steps to gather all the fresh, aromatic, delish herbs you could ever want, you will never understand. My cooking was flavorful and lively and made your mouth dance and sing. Cooking with fresh herbs is just that good.

As the tomatoes grew and began to ripen, there was hardly a day that went by that we weren’t able to harvest at least a few. Later in the summer, the cherry tomatoes of different colors began to fully mature (we planted them a bit late) and color abounded in our garden.

My signature dish became the caprese salad. I have long loved the combination of fresh basil, tomato, and mozzarella. But with the garden, minus the mozzarella, I was able to whip up caprese on whim, anytime I wanted. This need for mozzarella has caused me to seriously consider buying a cow and figuring out how to produce my own cheese. However, I think it is illegal to have livestock in our backyard, so I continue to purchase it often and in bulk.

Oh, how caprese with ripe juicy multi colored tomatoes, aromatic fresh picked basil, and delicious creamy mozzarella can make the world a better place. Fresh caprese is joy. I mean real, unadulterated, brazen joy.

** I have a great picture of my joyous caprese salad. Somewhere. I can’t find it. I hate that, a picture would really show the awesomeness of the salad.


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