Lacking Creativity & Motivation

This is how I feel right now. Like I have no creativity or motivation. While lack of motivation is often a struggle, creativity has not been a big issue. At least not for my blog. I was always thinking of random and fascinating things I should write about. I have not been doing this for very long, so there are years of thoughts in my brain just waiting to get out. Or so I thought. Lately, however my lack of motivation has struck up a friendship with my creativity and they have conspired to bring me down. I don’t feel like any of my ideas are worthy of writing down.

I decided in order to motivate myself and get those creative juices flowing again, I needed to challenge myself to a blog a day about something random. I would find an online random topic or idea generator, or maybe poll my Twitterverse, to come up with an idea for a blog post and I would do this every day for some yet undetermined time period. It sounded like a great way to get going. We all need a little challenge in our lives. (I should also be challenging myself to practice yoga and meditate daily, but I can only fit so much into one 24 hour period.)

My great idea started losing traction as I began searching for these random ideas. Many of the random topic and idea generators I found were story lines for fiction writers. “A pair of beautiful ambassadors studies for an exam” is not quite what I was going for. Some of them generated ideas for speeches, like you would give in a high school or college speech class. “DNA databases jeopardize our privacy” while a little bit closer to what I wanted, still wasn’t really it. The special topic word generator did not do it for me either. What could I say about “magnetic growing decoration”?

Maybe an online topic generator wasn’t for me. Maybe I should just poll Twitter and Facebook. It occurred to me that the people who give me the ideas might have a special interest in the outcome and there is a good chance I could disappoint them. And so began the internal dialogue of self-doubt, criticism, questioning my purpose for doing this, etc, etc. I’m sure we have all experienced this before.

Finally I told myself to shut up and get over me. Or myself. Or however you say that. I’m not sure even AP Style could fix that. Anyway, so here is what I am going to do. Starting today, with this post, I will make at least one new post to my blog every day. For… *gulp* … 14 days. I know, 14 days really isn’t that long, but it sounds like forever to me right now and I fought myself to do more than one week. I should clarify that I am not forcing myself to write a new post every day, just actually post something new to the blog everyday. There are times I really get in a groove and I throw down 2 or 3 posts in a short time. This actually works well for me, because I often do not have the time and energy to sit and write every day. But I do have to stay ahead of the game, so that each day, at least one post to the blog occurs.

So this is my challenge. Check back soon, because if I run out of ideas I might turn to the random word generator and write about “transparent chocolate clothing.” And that would have to be interesting in one way or another.



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3 responses to “Lacking Creativity & Motivation

  1. I certainly know how this feels. In my early days of blogging, I’d often feel very self-conscious about what I was blogging about. Many of my posts would contain debates with myself about whether or not the idea I had for a post was actually good enough to be a post. I’d also go for prolonged periods without posting anything, for no particular reason.

    Then, last year, I went on a 6 month run of daily updates on both my blogs. I don’t quite know how it happened. It made blogging such a part of my life that it now seems I can come up with ideas at will. I don’t even care if they’re bad ideas, I just enjoy the process of writing.

    • I did pretty good during my 14 day challenge to post every day, but once I did not feel forced to do it, I stopped. I am not sure why. Once again, I find it difficult to write. It is a bizarre process in my head. 🙂 I have plenty I want to write about, but sitting down to get it out isn’t working.

      • There’s probably a certain amount of time that you have to repeat a task before it becomes ingrained in you – perhaps 14 days isn’t enough!

        I know that I used to be exactly the same as you. It was all too easy not to blog – I once went three months without any kind of post on either of my blogs. Now I feel like I need to write something even when I don’t necessarily feel like it.

        I think that the more often you write then the easier it is to start.

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