Update (Again) on the Ruffle Pump

Yes, another update on the ruffle pump.  I waited and thought and contemplated and finally decided to purchase the Newport News nude ruffle pumps.  They finally arrived today.  Guess what?  They are not nude.  They are pink.

Pink?  I cannot lie.  I am disappointed.  I mean, it’s a pale pink, but still.  I went back and looked at the website, then looked at the catalog that came with my order.  The shoes look very pink in the catalog (which I did not see until today, of course) but not pink at all online.  The color is called Powder Puff.  That does not say pink to me.   

I tried them on and walked around a bit.  The listing says 3.5 inch heels, but they feel much taller than that.  It might have something to do with the platform, but I felt crazy tall walking in them.  After a while I decided I still really like the style, and it is a light enough pink color that I think I will keep them. 

Also, they are marked down another $10 from what I paid, and are only $39.  That is a great deal.  If you sign up for the Newport News mailing list you get a 15% off coupon code.  Be prepared for a LOT of emails, but you can unsubscribe and/or change the frequency of the messages.  If you like other items from Newport News, try searching for coupon codes that offer free shipping over $50. 

Just be warned.  They are pink, not nude.


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