The Wondrous Joy of a Vegetable Garden – A Saga, Part 2

112 tomato plants. What in the hell did we plan to do with 112 tomato plants? We had no idea. We needed more space if we wanted to plant more than about 20, because between our garden space and containers, that is all we had room for at the house. We also had about 100 herb plants, but we had more room for them, because they could be grouped together in the herb planters. But still not room for 100.

We needed to find some land. The hubs owned a lot in his parents neighborhood. A rural neighborhood, but still a neighborhood. Perfect! We can till up a big space and plant all of our extra plants there. Sounds brilliant, right? Much time was spent mowing, tilling, weeding, removing rocks, all to prepare this space for our plants. It was going to be great. We planted around 45 tomato plants, as not all seeds survived to be transplanted. And while we were at it and had this great garden space, lets throw in some corn, peas, beans, and okra. Why not!?!


I might have mentioned already we were out of control.


We stepped back and gazed at our masterpiece of gardening glory and asked ourselves: How in the hell are we going to get water to these plants? My intrepid and ever ingenious hubs comes up with a plan. We can take an old tin trash can, put a big bag in it as a liner, fill it with water, and haul it from his parents house to the garden on the tractor. Sounds brilliant, right? Only to get the water out of the trash can onto the plants, we had to use gallon milk jugs; submerge them in the water until they filled up then dump them on the plants one by one. I’m really starting to feel the joy of the garden at this point.


Every other day or so we would go water and check on the garden. One day, we showed up and a couple of the tomato plants were missing. Pulled right out of the ground. Remember earlier how I said this lot was in a rural neighborhood. Yeah, the kind that have deer in them. And rabbits.  We continued to water and check in and sprinkle pepper around the perimeter (deer supposedly do not like pepper), but  between Bambi and Thumper there was nothing we could do.  Not one single vegetable came from that great garden space.

Also, no joy came from that great garden space. But there is joy to be had.  Much joy.  Read on…


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