The Wondrous Joy of a Vegetable Garden – A Saga, Part 1

Love will do strange things to a person. It will make you desire things you have never desired before. It will make you work for something you never in a million years expected to be working for. It will bring about inside you this passion for things so unexpected. To what, dear friends, do I refer? A vegetable and herb garden of course. (Okay, so maybe love doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Just go with me here.)

I have always been a fruits and veggies kind of gal. I actually liked a lot of healthy foods and ate them on a regular basis. I cooked with fresh fruits and veggies when I could. But I had never discovered the amazing wonderful thing that happens to someone who has a vegetable and herb garden. Life changes. Dramatically. If my husband only ever did one great thing for my life; and really, he has done so many I cannot even begin to count or describe, but again, just go with me. If the only thing he ever did for me was introduce me to what life can be like with a garden, this marriage is more than I ever could have hoped.

About this time last year, we decided to grow some tomato plants and a few herbs. I am not even sure how it happened, it might have had something to do with the crazy massive garden my husband’s brother and his wife were planning, but nevertheless, it happened. A few packets of seeds were purchased (mostly cherry tomatoes and herbs), a contraption to keep light on the seeds was built, garden space was created, and so it began. Since we had enough space in the garden we thought we would add some strawberry plants, and then a blueberry plant. Then, my sister in law decided to order more tomato seeds, so we purchased 5 more varieties. A trip to Lowes brought about the wonderful discovery of seeds packets, right there, where I could take them home with me, and 4 more types of basil joined our garden. Home Depot had some plants on sale buy one, get one free, so three more varieties of tomatoes, sweet basil, and sweet banana peppers were added. Later, four more varieties of peppers found their way to our house. Soon after this, I realized I only had red cherry tomatoes, and I really needed a few different colors to complete the selection. Before I knew it we had 14 different varieties of tomatoes, 5 varieties of peppers, strawberries, blueberries, and around 16 different herbs, including 5 varieties of basil.

Ummm…. can someone say out of control? Maybe I didn’t mention, that of the seeds we purchased (almost all varieties of tomatoes and herbs) we started anywhere from 8 to 12 seeds. Quick, someone get a calculator. 14 varieties of tomatoes and 8 plants each equals…. Yeah, I know. 112 tomato plants.

It only gets more ridiculous from here.


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