LC Lauren Conrad

I have never been a fan of Lauren Conrad. I never watched The Hills or whatever show she was on. I don’t even know if it was The Hills. But I know it was one of those reality shows with rich girls and I just cannot stomach that kind of television. So really I could care less about her. But let me just say that I love, LOVE, her clothing line for Kohls. 

Kohls is one of those places a cheap girl loves to shop, but the truth is it can be difficult to find cute, classic, long-lasting clothes there. The LC Lauren Conrad collection, however, is an exception. Of course I cannot really comment on the true quality or how long the pieces will last at this point, but the styles were superb. The pieces were stylish without being obvious one season pieces. Some styles I just cannot get into because I know they won’t last past the current season. The LC collection did not have that feel to it. There were dresses, tops, jackets, and jeans. The jeans really did not do that much for me, but I loved everything else. I was only able to purchase one top (pictured below) but I cannot wait for my next 30% off coupon so I can go get more!

The floral tunic I purchased fits great and is super soft.  I love it!  Also, there are more and different items in the stores, so definitely check it out in person, not just online. Click here for LC at Kohls online.

My next purchases will likely be the ruffled cami and leather jacket.


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