I’m Baaaack

After the change to the new blog I took a few days off to regroup, think about what I wanted to do with my writing and blog, and really just not worry about posting for a while.  But now, I’m back.  I have lots of ideas but unfortunately not a lot of time.  I am still trying to convince my husband to let me quit my job and do things I really want to do.  Joking… kind of. So I will try to be consistent with my posting, but I just can’t do it as often as I want. 

As for my new title, I really want my blog to be something I take more seriously.  I started blogging initially just to write and release and be random, but the more I do it the more I get into it.  I don’t expect to have Julie and Julia kind of success, but I do hope eventually this becomes more than just me being random.  Well, it will always be me being random, but I hope it becomes something to someone other than me.


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