T-Strap Ruffle Pump Update

In my last post about nude pumps I showed options for the nude T-strap ruffle pump, knock-offs of the Christian Louboutin I really want. Surprisingly this style of shoe is hard to find. I would have expected many more copies, but most are too far from the original style. They are more like the Miss Me pumps I have pictured below, which are my least fave of that group. But in my search for the perfect nude t-strap ruffle pump, I have discovered the Dollhouse Soleil pump. I like the style just as much as the Louboutin. And, it is reasonalby priced, only $55 direct from Dollhouse.com. The problem? It doesn’t come in nude. Gah! Why would they not make this amazing shoe in a nude color? Someone, please explain. So, do I get the super cute Dollhouse pump in a different color and settle for another style of nude pump? Decisions, decisions….

Pictured below is the pewter color, but there is a really great blue as well.

UPDATE!! These are currently on sale at dollhouse.com $30 or $35 depending on color. And… the ruffle is removeable. That makes them two shoes in one!! What could be better!

Dollhouse Soleil Pump at Dollhouse.com ($55)


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