Nude Pumps

My recent obsession with fashion and fashion blogs has led to me a great burning desire for the perfect nude pump. Everyone (and by everyone I mean all the fashion bloggers I follow) say nude pumps are THE shoe for 2010. The shoe that every girl must own or be shunned from all things fashionable for the year. Therefore, I must find the perfect pair. Of course for me, perfect not only means incredibly cute and fashionable but also reasonably priced. Like, under $75, but preferably closer to $40. So I am on the hunt. I have exhausted all of my ‘cheap’ shoe stores (JC Pennys, Target, Kohls, Charlotte Russe, etc.) with no luck. The hunt continues, now to the interwebs. Although I really prefer to purchase things in town, especially shoes that I want to try on to ensure the fit and comfort.

I am debating between the basic, classic round toe pump style, or the more in-style T-strap with ruffles. I am leaning heavily towards the t-strap, because they are just so cute. But I have learned it is important to not just find something that is ‘the style’ but that gets ‘the style’ right. Once you figure that out, you realize how many knock-offs are done really poorly.

Here are my options, let me know what you think!

The original Christian Louboutin t-strap ruffle pump (the one I cannot afford, but am trying to copy). I first saw this shoe on The Cheap Chica’s blog, article and pic here.

Newport News Ruffle Pump recommended in the above linked article by the Cheap Chica ($49)

Miss Me Women’s Garnett 8 Pump from ($40)

Vince Camuto Marcia Pump from ($118)


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