Conscious Living Manifesto: Chapter 1

What is conscious living? If I am going to do this conscious living thing, I better figure it out. So I started at the beginning. The definition of conscious. According to conscious means “aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.” “fully aware of or sensitive to something” and “deliberate, intentional.” Among other definitions. But when I read these particular definitions they really clicked with me. At least for what I have in mind for conscious living. My own personal definition of conscious living is thinking through each decision you make, every action you take, including the impact those decisions make on others and the world, not just the impact to you. I think being fully aware of or sensitive to something really nails it. If I am going to live consciously I have to be fully aware of everything around me all the time. That is a big scary task. I have no expectations that I will live completely consciously all day every day. Balance must be struck in life, so sometimes my budget might be more important than shopping local or time will force me to chose convenience and speed over healthy food choices. Life happens. But I will try. I promise to continue to incorporate aspects of conscious living into my every day life until it becomes second nature. And I promise to try and write about it. Because things are easier and more fun when you share.


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