The Luckiest Girl on the World

I know a lot of women think they have the best husband/boyfriend ever and that they are the luckiest girl in the world, but it isn’t true. I am. Really.

He always knows just how to take care of me. This Valentine’s weekend he was absolutely perfect. He went to the grocery store while I went shopping for clothes and shoes. He mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned the bathtub (which was getting a bit nasty). He bought lobster tails for us to have for dinner Saturday night and watched Julie and Julia with me. He let me study for my calculus test when I wanted to and didn’t bug me about it when I didn’t want to. He helped with dinner on Sunday and cleaned up the kitchen. Then, just when I thought he couldn’t be any more perfect, I went into the bathroom to find a bouquet of roses with a calla lily (my fave!), bubble bath, a handmade Valentine card (Yes, I said HANDMADE! Talk about mega-swoon, what guy does that!!), and a comfy bath pillow so I can relax even more in the bath. I dare you to find another husband who was so amazingly perfect this weekend. Double dare you.


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