Cognac Boots

Probably the best attire purchase I have made this year has been my cognac boots. I first discovered the option of cognac while reading Capital Hill Style, my favorite fashion blog. See the original post here. If Belle was a fan of the cognac boot and said I could wear them with black, then I was sold. Admittedly, I followed my usual cheap fashion M.O. and purchased a pair from Rack Room Shoes for $30, but still I love them. In fact, I love them so much, I probably wear them too much. Another of my fashion missteps, I’m sure.  This is what mine look like:  (Picture from Rack Room Shoes Online)

I discovered my best friend also recently purchased a pair of cognac boots. Only hers are real Italian leather and cost $500. Darn if that doesn’t make me feel like mine are inadequate. But that is okay. She is in med school and can afford them. She posted a pic on Facebook. Here is what hers look like:

Not quite the same, but for the sake of being frugal, I am perfectly happy with my pair.


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