Ann Hyde: Session Four

I survived! I survived almost 8 hours of Forrest Yoga with Ann Hyde this weekend. That is big time! Granted, my whole body is sore, my arms are so weak I can barely lift anything, and my hip joints scream at me any time I move my legs. But I am alive. And like last night, feeling pretty darn good after practice.

This session was all about arms, shoulders, and inversions. We spent the majority of the class against the wall, kicking up into variations of handstand and forearm balance. And by we, I mean everyone but me. I spent most of my time in down dog or dolphin up the wall, just trying to build the arm strength. Ann did spot me once in handstand, which was pretty awesome, but I only lasted a few seconds. Weak, weak, weak arms! Building arm strength is definitely one of my new goals for my yoga practice. I see lots of dolphins in my future, and I hate dolphin.

Ann talked a bit more about the philosophy of Forrest Yoga. The focus on the neck extends throughout the whole practice. In Forrest Yoga, they do not teach head stand, because to many people put too much weight on their head, not leaving any space for the neck. She emphasized in all the inversions, that the head should just hang down, giving the neck lots of room. She also mentioned that Sanskrit terms are not used in Forrest Yoga, because “things are confusing enough to explain in English.” I agree with that!

While my body is sore and weak and I often felt mediocre in class, this has truly been an awesome experience. I did more than I have ever done before, there is no doubt. And I learned alot about how to improve my practice and build my strength. So maybe next time she comes I’ll be able to rock it like everyone else!


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