Ann Hyde: Session Two

There is a good chance I will not survive this weekend. My abs are crazy sore. We did so many variations of pigeon I thought my hip was going to pop out of its socket. I can barely lift my arms, we did turbo dog, dolphin, dolphin up the wall, down dog up the wall, handstands (which I cannot yet do) and all kinds of arm work.

There has never been a time in class when I have been so tired that I skipped poses or came out of poses early to rest in child’s pose. I am the type to push through no matter what harm it may cause. But I found myself on multiple occasions, flailing into child’s pose for any semblance of rest I could get. I was so tired, even child’s pose was not rest. Ann calls it embryo, which I find a little odd.

She added a couple of minutes of sitting and breathing to set an intention for the class, which was nice. She started us off with alternate nostril breathing, holding the inhale for a loooong time. I could not maintain my breath as long as she wanted us to, I nearly passed out. I should have known that was a bad sign for the rest of class.

This afternoon is all about back bending. I know backbends can be difficult, I just hope this class has less required strength poses. There is no strength left in my muscles. Any of them. Wish me luck. More to come tonight.


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