Ann Hyde: Session Three

I’m still alive! And for the first time this weekend, I came away from class feeling good. I wouldn’t go so far to say I feel energized (because I am completely exhausted), but I feel good. This session was all about backbending, so there was less crazy rigorous strength poses. It was still tough, of course. Still lots of core work and hip openers. And lots of suns this session, so we really broke a sweat. Ann calls sun salutations suns. Another one of those interesting terminology differences.

Wheel was the big finale of a backbend. The first time we tried it, I could not get up. I kept dragging my head which pulled my hair on the mat and it just wasn’t happening for me. I got really frustrated. Then she had us go up again, and I just dug down and popped myself up. Oh man, did it feel good! I did not stay up too long, but it was so nice to actually accomplish something in the class. All the other classes left me feeling dejected because I was unable to do things. It is very un-yogic of me, I know, but I can’t kill that competitive voice inside telling me I should be better and try harder. So pulling up into wheel was a big confidence booster.

I have started to notice Ann has certain little diva moments. She will make comments like “don’t twist down in that hip I just fixed” or “stop and watch me because this is not what you think it is” or when someone comments on what they think she did in a demo, she will say “no, that is not what I did” with a bit of attitude. I find it kind of amusing. She is pretty much a yoga rock star, so she can get away with it.

We focused a lot on the heart today and having a bright shining heart center. She talked about how we give our energy to others, and if we do so with an empty heart center it can drain us and wear us out. Yoga is a way to get our own energy back. Through the breath and the asana and the meditation we can replenish the shining energy in our core. Then the energy we give to others is bright and shining also. Ahhh… I love yoga!

Tomorrow is the last session. Ann has hinted at inversions. I’m pretty scared. Inversions are one thing I just have not gotten yet. It should be interesting, that is for sure.


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