Ann Hyde: Session One

Have you ever seen Ann Hyde in person? Whoa. That woman has a smokin’ hot body. For real. And an ass I would kill for. But on to the yoga. It was hard, very hard. We did all kinds of poses that are not first session intro type poses. Scissors was the one I had the most trouble with. And by trouble, I mean I could not get anywhere close. I could not even get my front leg off the ground to rest on my arm. That one pose broke my spirit for the whole rest of class and has me in a generally bad mood still. I was very frustrated, to say the least.

Forrest yoga focuses a lot on the core, and we did some crazy core work. Along with a couple crazy breathing exercises where you suck your stomach all the way in while holding your out breath. Crazy. Ann also placed a lot of emphasis on the neck. Stretching it out, lengthening it, giving it lots of space in poses. It was really nice. I have all kinds of neck issues as it is, so sometimes straining to look up is just uncomfortable.

Ann is great at adjustments. I felt like I didn’t get as many adjustments as others in the class, but maybe just because I wanted them so badly. When she put her hands on my body and slid things into the right positions, it was like heaven. It always made the pose feel so right, even when it was painful.

The one thing that disappointed me was there was no meditation or philosophy or anything like that. I hoped for some spiritual and emotional awakening along with the physical. Maybe that will come later. I hope so. I actually came away from the class frustrated and dejected about the Scissor thing. I guess it is my fault for letting a pose overwhelm me like that. And the tweaking in my knee in one pose that I had never experienced before has me worried about my knee health.

Three more sessions to go, and this was the shortest. I am not sure I will be able to continue on all weekend for two hours at a time. I really may not be able to move when we are done. More to come tomorrow.

Check out Ann Hyde’s Photo Gallery and see the crazy stuff she can do.  Scissors is in there.  She had on those crazy pants at class tonight, too!


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