My Inner Fashionista

Somewhere deep down inside, just begging to get out is a fashionista. Really. I swear. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me most of the time. Casual and comfortable are my fashion trademarks, and more often than not sleep takes precedence over fashion and beauty. I never give myself enough time in the mornings to plan an outfit, and I rarely do it the night before. So I am left rushing around throwing on a comfortable top (note: tee-shirt cut top or v neck sweater that doesn’t need to be ironed) and easy to wear shoes (note: flats with black trouser socks with pants that really need heels.) Why? Certainly not because I think I am being fashionable or because I don’t care. I am lazy. At 8 in the morning I am more concerned with getting to my desk by 9 than am I with being fashionable. Many days I sit at my desk hoping I do not have to see anyone that would know I am terribly out of fashion.

Also part of my problem: I mostly work with men my father’s age who have no clue what fashion is or people with equivalent or less fashion sense than me. You better believe I try to step up my game when I have meetings on a different floor with people I know to have more taste. Mostly I still don’t feel up to par however. Everyone else just looks better than me. Another problem (by far the largest problem, I think): I am terribly cheap when it comes to clothes. I don’t know why, because almost every piece I have splurged on that is classic, high quality, really fit me well, and looked good has lasted forever. Yet, somehow I have a hard time spending real money on clothes so I end up with very basic and often cheap looking pieces.

But I am working to release my inner fashionista. I am reading style and fashion blogs, searching sales at high quality fashionable stores, and trying to plan outfits ahead of time. It’s hard for me. It’s a lot of effort I am not quite ready for. Slowly but surely it will happen, though. The fashionista inside will spring forth like a hungry hyena going for the kill. Okay, maybe that is a little too graphic. But, if I could just get her to peek her head out every now and then, that would be a step in the right direction.


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