The Bliss of Silence (and other randomness)

I have recently come to know, understand, and love silence. Yes, those simple times in your life when there is no TV on, no radio on, no random background noise, just silent bliss. The hubs and I have no TV nights once a week or so which got the whole silence thing going for me. Sometimes we listen to music (Glee Vol 1 & 2 mostly), but sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we just sit on the couch and read or talk or surf the net with no background noise. And man is it blissful. After the experience of that bliss, I started turning the radio off traveling to and from yoga. I never realized how music in the car after yoga can kill your enlightenedness. Not always of course, but just try it sometime and see what I mean. It is calming and soothing and, well, blissful. So silence is my new thing. Not everywhere, not all the time, but at the moments I need it most. Ahhh…..

Other Randomness…. There has been a lot going on inside my crazy messed up brain lately and I have had little time to get it out. But it wants out. I want it out. One of the reasons I like blogging so much is getting out the random craziness in my head and putting it down for others to see. Because for some reason, just writing down all the random craziness doesn’t get it out of my head. Somehow, knowing that others could possibly read the random craziness makes all the difference. Although my blog stats tell me others are not reading it, and I am totally okay with that. It’s about putting it out there. Anyway, I plan to try harder to get it out on paper (or word processor) so I can have some more peace. To enjoy my silence. Because if your head is full of random craziness, there isn’t true silence. For real.


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