Happy Freaking Holiday's

I need to get something off my chest. I do not like the holidays. In fact, mostly they just upset me and stress me out. I would like to say there are lots of reasons, but there are just a few big ones.

Gift giving – Who decided that my love, affection, care, respect, or admiration for someone else is dependent on the gift I give them for Christmas? I would like to know so I can punch them in the face. So much energy is wasted on worrying what gift to buy someone when, as it turns out THAT IS NOT WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT!!! Hello, little baby Jesus who came to save the world. Anyone remember him? And who really cares when he was actually born, it’s about the fact that he was born. Not about gifts. Not about saving our slumping economy (although right now that is the only thing I am happy about when it comes to people buying gifts this year.) Not about any of that other retail crap.

Seeing the family – This one is going to be hard for some people to take, because the Holidays are supposed to be about family. The issue I have is that people get so pissed off, I mean really offended, if you cannot be there with the family on Christmas (Eve or Day, depending on your fam.) None of the rest of the days of the year matter. Now that I am married I have three families to make time for in 2 days. And two of those families happen to celebrate on Christmas Eve night (an hour apart). Well, someone gets left out. I can’t be everywhere. I just can’t. And if I wasn’t coming to see one of those families the very next day, I might try harder to work it out. But everyone gets equal time. That is only fair, isn’t it?

Actually, as I write this, I realize those are really the two reasons. Stress and energy wasted over things that are so not what this season is about.


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  1. I don’t like the holidays either for the very same reasons. I hate knowing that even if I put a lot of effort into picking out a gift, some recipients will just try to gauge how much I spent, etc. That’s not the point! Now that I’m coupled up, we have four gatherings every Christmas. My parents are divorced, but his still celebrate with their respective families separately. If you include the two of us, that’s five. It’s too much!

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