Blogging for Real

I started a blog.  For real this time.  Not a topic specific blog, or a blog about something I am doing for a few weeks.  I tried those, they did not work.  This is just a generic, random, all about things I am thinking, or doing, or feeling kind of blog.  My mother may be the only person who ever reads it, but that is okay. 

I have always wanted to write.  For as long as I can remember.  When I became fascinated with financial markets and decided to get a degree in finance, I still had plans to write.  I was going to be a research analyst and write research notes on stocks and markets.  And maybe eventually be a columnist for a magazine or newspaper.  Somehow it never materialized for me.  But thanks to the wonders of the internet and blogging, I can revive my youthful dreams.

So this blog is going to be all about the randomness of my life.  Yoga, wine, photography, being a newlywed, life in Tulsa, etc, etc.  It will be great fun for me.  If you like it too, even better.  If not, whatever.  I only expect to be the center of the universe in my own house.


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